Sequence Ambassador Program

Are you ready to embark in an exciting journey?
Have you ever woken up with the desire to change the world?
If you had the right opportunity, would you want to earn
money while participating in something meaningful?
Then our Ambassador Program is for you!

Sequence was built with the mission to CHANGE LIVES, and today we want to SHARE our adventure with you.

To share, to lead and to make a difference are the three core values of Sequence. Therefore, creating an Ambassador Program was the next natural step in our journey to change the world!


Because sharing is essential to building a better future. When you become a Sequence Ambassador, you will share our journey, our vision and our goals.

We change the world one step at a time, one person at a time. To share is to send a message of trust and love, thus spreading generosity and wisdom around the world.


Because to lead and inspire others to take action is not only what makes our own life meaningful, it is also the only way to take part in building a better future. As a Sequence Ambassador, you become a leader by starting your own business and thus, you become a source of inspiration to those around you.

Changing the world should be achieved through interpersonal relationships. By taking risks and assuming responsibilities, individuals set the example that will inspire those around them to do the same.


Because the world is full of challenges and opportunities, at Sequence we have built a company that changes people's lives. By providing jobs, education and by creating the leaders of tomorrow in El Salvador, we make a difference in communities plagued by poverty and violence. When you work with Sequence, you are an important element to empowering the lives of many young, at risk individuals.



Join the Sequence Movement and spread the flame of our
Sustainable Sequence of Empowerment in El Salvador.

By Joining, you START YOUR OWN BUSINESS with Sequence!
It's easy, anyone can do it, and the rewards are limitless

With your money we can continue to build programs for our artists and for young people living in the local communities