#SequenceArtist Spotlight

"One of my biggest goals has been not to disappoint my mother, and after joining Sequence I know I am making her proud."

I grew up in the rural town of Tepecoyo, El Salvador. My twin brother and I were raised by our mother, I always knew I wanted to find a way to support her. I focused on being a good student and finishing high-school, in the town of Tepecoyo there is a 23.3% of illiteracy.

I began working with Sequence after graduating high-school, my dream was to attend University to study Art and Graphic design. Sequence not only gave me my first job but also the opportunity to begin fulfilling my dream.

I started with Sequence in 2012 and since then I have been promoted to become part of the design team , I am now contributing with my own designs and creations. Soon Sequence is forming a Technology team and we are now being trained  on  basic computer skills, design software, and coding so that we can become  mentors  to the other young men and women in our workshop to teach them all the skills we learn. This is one of my most favorite part of  my job, knowing that I am making a difference in other peoples lives and in my community.

“Carlos is incredibly creative, kind and thoughtful, always willing to help new people coming to our workshop.  I admire his genuine love for others and willingness to help without judgment.”  -Ariela Suster