SEQUENCE is an urban lifestyle brand based in El Salvador, we handmake high-quality, fashion forward products with a meaningful message and a dedication to creating positive change within ourselves and our communities. Every design can be customized for any need, from corporate gifting to weddings, special events to brand collaborations or partnerships.

Ariela, Yuri and Cruz

All our products are handcrafted by talented young men and women who through our training and personal development programs have elevated their craft.

“Each piece is made following a systematic, technical process, taking special care that each piece goes with the highest quality. Each piece is made with love, passion and dedication. Because that's how we do it, because it's what we like, it's not just our way of life but our way of expressing what we feel."-

Rafael, Sequence Artist

“I would like people who purchase our products to ask themselves where they are made and how, and know that they are made with incredible dedication, that people hopefully will admire and appreciate all the work that has gone into them. That they know that these pieces come from El Salvador our beautiful country.”-

Jose, Sequence Artist

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is to disrupt the cycle of violence that limits at risk youth by creating cool handcrafted products that generate employment. By developing and supporting programs that lead to personal and professional development, by leveraging partnerships and collaborations to grow our business and create a positive impact in our communities.

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