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Meet Gaby, passionate mother of two beautiful boys, ages 2 and 4. Gaby is a family- focused achiever: she is ready to take anything that comes her way. As a busy mom, inspired by fashion, travel, and her sense of social responsibility, Gaby has become a true Sequence Ambassador: she takes advantage of every opportunity to showcase Sequence products and the impact that others can have by purchasing them. She hopes that through her actions, her children can learn the importance of empowering others. For Gaby, Sequence has combined two important áreas in her life: social responsibility and fashion. 


Meet Patty, research wizard and ambassador extraordinaire. Based in Toronto, Patty has been a Sequence Ambassador since 2014. With a happy-go lucky personality, Patty dance-walks to work to be an Academic Medical Librarian by day, and skips to her social engagements by night, where she promotes Sequence products. To her, Sequence represents a relationship with the world around her, a passion for getting up and fueling every day with that desire, and bringing awareness to the most important aspects in life: hope, and the possibility of co-creating a better world together. As an Ambassador, Patty feels like a link in a chain of a really powerful movement. She does her part with love, and enjoys sharing that experience with the people she interacts with. In turn, her clients carry Sequence’s message around when they wear their pieces. “I've even gotten hand-written notes with heartful comments on how much customers love the designs, but above all, how inspiring the Sequence message is.”


Meet Ali, co-founder of a sports travel management company with her husband Zach. Ali’s first priority is her family, and she and Zach are proud parents of 7-year old twins who are always up for having fun.

A creative at heart, Ali paints children’s furniture in her spare time, and enjoys making sure she is well-organized to be able to fulfill her duties as a mom, co-founder, and individual.

Ali enjoys hanging out with friends and being active, which is where Sequence adds to her life. With an abundance of friends, including her children’s friends’ parents, Ali has no trouble hosting Sequence get-togethers to show off new products while sipping wine and catching up. She is proud to be a part of the Sequence family, fashionably making a difference in the lives of young men and women in El Salvador.
“I love hosting events as an excuse to have a glass of wine and catch up with the girls, meanwhile, helping such a good cause of ending the sequence of violence in El Salvador.”


For every additional 1,000 bracelets purchased worldwide, SEQUENCE is able to bring another young man or women onto our team of 30 dedicated artists and positively influence the sequence of events that keep them– and their community at risk.

SEQUENCE breaks this cycle of violence by providing secure employment in a safe environment, free transportation, two daily meals, quality clothing and a coveted artist’s toolkit, plus access to high school and university-level education and the opportunity to become mentors to other at-risk youth.

As a SEQUENCE Ambassador, you will directly influence the lives of these young men, women and their communities. Your style could change their story.

As a SEQUENCE Ambassador, you’ll have one foot in the fashion scene at home – and the other making a difference around the world.

You can easily host trunk shows in your apartment, at the office, in a community center – whatever is best for you. The flexibility allows you to work around your schedule, and the extra income can help towards building your financial independence and freedom. You’ll receive a substantial discount on products, as well as earn credits for every piece sold. Check out our Lookbook for current styles and product lines! 

You’ll have a huge sense of pride knowing that you are directly influencing the sequence of events that affect at-risk youth.. By becoming a part of the #NoViolence movement, you are addressing a universal issue.  

Because of SEQUENCE Ambassadors like you, we can disrupt this cycle and actively empower at-risk youth to construct a life of collaboration, purpose and possibility.



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