Our design process is a collaborative journey.


Currently based in New York, SEQUENCE founder Ariela Suster regularly travels to and from El Salvador, where she works closely with her team of artists on the design of the collections each season.

Drawing inspiration from the urban, sartorial streets of New York, mixed with the vibrant and volatile sides of life in El Salvador, Sequence is an artistic expression of both cultures.

The design process starts with educating at-risk youth on the craftsmanship of the products. Through her mentorship over the last four years, Ariela has empowered her community with the skills and confidence to shine as talented artists.

The collection’s muted tones express the dark reality of violence in El Salvador, while bright colors represent the hope and opportunity that this project continues to bring to local communities. The signature knot and braided designs have become a symbol of the Sequence Collection. Beyond a style statement, they express the heart and soul of the artists.

Through this journey, Ariela’s goal is to provide positive alternatives for at-risk youth living in El Salvador, and spread the powerful message of No Violence around the world.

For every 1,000 additional bracelets sold, Sequence is able to employ another artist, helping to disrupt the cycle of violence and change the sequence of events for communities across 

El Salvador and beyond.