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Is an inclusive, inspiring and dynamic platform that ignites a personal revolution. Specially designed for men and women of color, for millennials and Gen Zers from Latinx, African-American and immigrant backgrounds, I AM HERE TO will offer engaging techniques on eliminating negativity, finding your voice, and becoming unstoppable when staring down life’s challenges. Whether you seek to be a corporate warrior or a warrior for justice, it’s exactly the motivation you need.

As activists and young women of color, we represent communities directly impacted by violence, racism, poverty and crime. We managed to overcome the trauma and struggle we grew up with. But stories like ours are rarely heard. Because of that, far too many young people are convinced that they’re powerless in the face of pain. Our goal is to help provide resources for everyday people to challenge that belief. And offers a new way forward.

Through our story of resilience, we hope to share with those at the margins, how we were able to take real world experiences and transform them into action. Our message for those at the margins is that you can use your pain, your passion and your life experience to transform the world around you. Just like we did. After a decade of working in social justice, and doing the hard work of healing from past traumas, we have valuable advice and self-help styled guidance to offer. Our stories will show readers what’s possible when you turn personal struggle into a force for good.

We hope that our ever-evolving collection of resources will help each and every one of you to better understand yourself (what brings you joy) and your place within the world around you. This is about getting to the best version of yourself but it will require you asking the hard questions, again and again. We want you to get from breakdowns to breakthroughs, to discuss burnout, anxiety and questions about self-worth.

Through these tools we want you to get to a space of clarity and joy that come with any commitment to build something bigger than yourself.

Philadelphia native Jamira Burley turned the pain of her brother’s death from gun violence into a life of social activism. Now based in New York, she is the Head of Youth Engagement and Skills at the Global Business Coalition for Education and an activist for gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. Fellow New Yorker Ariela Suster sought to disrupt the cycle of gang-related violence in her hometown of San Salvador by employing at-risk youth. In 2012, she established Sequence, a handmade accessories brand, in El Salvador. I AM HERE TO is a way to share our learnings with others from marginalized communities.