Sequence is the product of an inspiring Adventure about breaking conventions and creating everlasting bonds of friendship and love

The story of Sequence takes place in El Salvador, Central America where Salvadorans live bathed in a vibrant and colorful culture where sharing love and spreading happiness is a common philosophy. But since the end of the civil war in the 90's, the country is plagued with violence, gangs and as a result, society is excessively divided.

Ariela Suster, Sequence founder and designer breached the gap when she met Oscar Bautista and Natali Orellana, Sequence artisians. She had worked in New York City's most iconic fashion publications; they had the knowledge of ancient artisanal traditions. Sequence could have never come true without one or the other. Oscar and Natali brought the expert craftwork and Ariela the designs and a platform for their art to be expressed and appreciated beyond borders.

Just as one person cannot weave a bracelet alone and always needs a friend to hold the threads, Sequence is born out of friendship and human collaboration!

Today, Sequence pieces are expertly handcrafted in Tepecoyo Oscar and Natali's hometown, and the workplace, which now hires many aspiring young artists, has turned into a space for creating bonds of love, self-expression and much more. By providing this space and organizing free art classes for the local community, Sequence offers a positive alternative to violence and gang culture.

When you purchase Sequence,
YOU help spread the flame of OUR
Sustainable Sequence of empowerment:


A Sequence that changes people's lives

We hold a unique philosophy that has shaped the way our team works together. Changing the world should be achieved through interpersonal relationships: by taking risks and assuming responsibilities, individuals set the example that will inspire those around them to do the same.

The Sustainable Sequence of Empowerment is efficient because it
relies on a series of four actions:


As a first necessary stepping-stone, we provide our artists with the basis of a
steady job and a secure source of income. We teach them how to weave and
master the art of traditional handcrafting



We give our artists the possibility to follow their dreams. They make the commitment to become proficient in the competence of their choice , and we provide them with the means to achieve that goal.



In return for funding our artists' education, we ask from them that they make the commitment to return to our core team in the local community and spend the necessary efforts to teach them their recently acquired knowledge.


Sequence believes in the power of Art and provides a wide variety of artistic workshops to children and youth living in at risk communities, beginning with Tepecoyo. Art has proved to be a powerful and effective tool for channeling the energies of young individuals, turning destructive impulses into creative vitality. Therefore we believe that providing opportunities for young individuals to develop their creative power is a central element to finding an antidote against the violence of our world


It is with this philosophy in mind that
Sequence team has become a family. Together unified,
we spread our own vision of the future:
we empower at risk individuals by giving them the
means to become the force that drives their lives.


'There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it'
- edith wharton

and at sequence, we create the fire that lights candles!

EL SALVADOR  / stats
  • 6 million people
  • 12 years civil war - 1980-1992
  • About 40,000 gang Members
  • One of the most violent countries int he world in 2011, 4371 murders
  • The highest per capita murder rate in the world with more than 10 homicides daily
  • According to the United Nations, 35% of the children have to work and cannot go to school (secondary education)
  • According to Government Statistics, 5% of the population has a university degree
  • More than 30 Percent population lives below the poverty line